Butterfield & Robinson

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Butterfield & Robinson pioneered biking and walking trips in 1966. Today, with the help of Largay Travel. clients are able to experience the highest quality biking, walking, By Sea and custom (Bespoke)trips in Europe, Latin America, Africa, Canada, Asia and the Pacific. Trips are not strenuous expeditions but leisurely explorations of regions. Accomodation is at the best hotels (R&C, Small Luxury etc) with excellent regional dining and cultural events. Most trips have on average 14 participants. Each day travelers receive detailed route suggestions and maps. They are encouraged to travel at their own pace and do not have to bike or walk in a group. Two guides accompany each trip- one walks/bikes with the group and the other provides a vehicle for a lift or for refreshments. Trips are designed with two-night stays at most hotels. Travelers bike, walk or paddle 3-5 hours per day or cover an average daily distance of 25-45 miles cycling or 8-10 miles walking. B&R provides custom-built Cannondale hybrid and racing bikes.

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