Gail Rosenberg

Luxury Travel Designer

I have had the incredible and fulfilling privilege of working in the travel industry since 1988. My passion for unique experiences, when combined with my extensive firsthand destination knowledge, has enabled me to successfully convert many of my clients dreams into indelible, lifelong travel memories.

I have been featured in a number of distinguished travel industry periodicals and articles detailing my commitment to, and obsession with service, details and client customization. I believe two clients can visit the exact same destination and have an entirely different experience due to my ability to personalize the itinerary and accommodations to their respective needs.

I specialize in deluxe, custom designed land tours and cruises . The unique and personal insights that I offer are the result of me having traveled to many different countries and continents.

One of my all time, personal and professional favorites is the continent of Africa, as I have witnessed wildlife events and cultural activities exclusive to that destination. The proximity to undeveloped tracks of land, nature, animals and authentic tribal customs have left me speechless.

I have been personally blessed with the gift of marriage (47 years!), (2) wonderful daughters, (2) wonderful son-in-laws and (5) precious grandchildren whom I spoil and love to spend time with.

I look forward to the privilege of making all your travel dreams a reality! Whenever, wherever, I am your go to person for a luxury travel experience. I can be reached directly at 617-916-2997.
**Exceptional Journeys - Exclusive Amenities - Expert Advice**
**A life worth living is a life well traveled**

CST# 2109263-80