Ellen Winchell Goldman

Travel Advisor

After a seven year detour as an attorney, Ellen joyously returned to her travel roots as a leisure travel consultant in 1997. Ellen was fortunate to have explored the United States and Canada with her parents and studied abroad in Spain and England. Her most precious trips, however, have been spent in the company of her husband and three children. Her family's favorite destinations have been Spain, Italy, England, Israel, Turkey, Costa Rica, Belize and Mexico.

Life is not static, and neither is travel. We have different travel needs, wants and desires at various stages in our lives. At one point, vegetating on a beach may evoke nirvana. Alternatively, gazing out over Machu Picchu may fulfill a lifetime dream. Ellen looks forward to advising clients at all stages in their lives. Ellen's success is greatly attributable to the interest she takes in her clients' family situations, tastes and hot buttons, as well as common sense and logistical skills that still amaze those who know her best.

Ellen graduated with Distinction from the School of Hotel Administration at Cornell University and earned her J. D. from the University of Pennsylvania. In addition, she holds numerous destination specialist certifications.

Ellen's Group Departures

Voyager Club Sailing

CST# 2109263-80