Eileen O'Keeffe

Travel Advisor

It was following an extended family vacation about 15 years ago, that I realized how important even minor details are to the success of a journey. Have you ever had the "perfect vacation" planned, only to realize afterwards that it could have been much better?

Traveling to the vibrant American Southwest with my husband's family and our two young children, we approached the trip with great excitement and anticipation. Unfortunately, a disjointed itinerary and poorly located accommodations set the stage for a disappointing experience, leaving us longing for a vacation "do over".

This experience that inspired me to become a travel advisor. I believe that the act of travel has the power to enhance, if not transform, lives. Treating each client as I would a member of my family, I strive to provide the elements necessary for a deeply satisfying, memorable experience.

CST# 2109263-80