Betsy Bouche

Independent Travel Advisor
Peru Specialist, Ecuador Specialist, UnCruise Adventurist

A little over 30 years ago, I stood on the back deck of a cruise ship. My friend turned to me and said, "Let's be travel agents and travel the world". The home PC was bringing my many years as a typesetter to a close, so on a whim I said "OK, let's do it". Maybe not the best way to choose a new career, but sometimes things just work out right.

In the years since, I've arranged trips to nearly every part of the world. My true love, though, is active & adventure travel, and sustainable travel. We didn't use the word back then, but I learned and lived sustainability as a child at a middle-school/farm in the Adirondacks. It's exciting to see sustainable & responsible tourism become a priority in travel.

I have a specialty in Latin America, as well as Scandinavia, Australia & New Zealand, small-ship cruising and Canada. And of course, my New England home (don't forget you can call me for those local weekend trips). Among my certifications are Peru Specialist, Ecuador Specialist, Arctic Kingdom Certified Polar Advisor, Tauck Certified Agent and UnCruise Adventurist.

Wherever I am, my knitting is always close by. I love all things fiber arts, textiles and artisan-made. If you do, too, let me know. I have some special places and experiences up my sleeve for you.

I haven't traveled the whole world yet like we thought we would, way back when on the deck of that cruise ship. My list is still long. But I've made footprints on 6 continents so far. Antarctica, I'm looking at you!

CST# 2109263-80